Keahu Kahuanui
kay-ah-who kah-who-ah-new-ee


— An adventure seeking, gadget obsessed, fit goofball that can sometimes pull off a decent outfit.


That’s me. Writing in the third person is weird… a native of Hawai’i, - I - do love the outdoors but am especially drawn to the cold and snow. I attended and graduated from Boston University and with that most expensive piece of parchment, I entered the corporate marketing and tech worlds for several years. That was until, while trying to better integrate art in my life, a random audition in 2010 landed me on a TV show called Teen Wolf. I was then quickly swept away to Hollywood where I transitioned into a full time career in the arts. Spending nearly a decade learning how to tell stories through acting and filmmaking in LA, I eventually decided to bring my skills to New York City — now I help brands understand, design and produce content that is compelling, meaningful and helps them succeed as their own storytellers.

In my spare time, I usually have a camera (or five) on my person - while jumping out of planes, long distance cycling, trekking 12+ mile hikes or eboarding around the city. I’m active. To keep from keeling over, I train my body like the fine tuned, very lactose intolerant vessel it was meant to be. Counting every day as a blessing, I also do my best to express my gratitude in ways that support people and causes I care about; LGBTQ+ communities, assistance for homeless youth and charities for hospitalized children.

With a mix of sarcasm, tv notoriety, kindness and general oversharing of my disdain of impractical design, I’d like to think I’m the catalyst that brought together an incredibly intelligent, supportive and witty following of over 600,000. They’re not only awesome, they trust that when I do partner with a brand, business or person, it’s going to be relevant, useful and at least entertaining.

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On Making Content That Stands Out

Did those shots for your product on a beautiful, exotic beach not get as much attention as you thought it would? Is your content not connecting with your audience? Engagement isn’t just about cool locations and good lighting, it’s about helping others feel inspired. Sometimes it’s tough to come up with a novel idea when Instagram feeds make you feel like it’s all been done already or you don’t know what feels right. I spend a lot of time experimenting, sketching, exploring because I’m passionate about creating unique experiences to share:


On Community; Ohana

Real people. Real community. Real engagement. You need to get to know who is giving you their time, attention and why. My digital family discusses tech, workouts, life, video games but I keep the forum open. It fosters a supportive environment for everyone, provides invaluable feedback, cultivates room for powerful discussions and builds trust between all of us. It also means they know that when I rave about something - good or bad - I’m being honest and have their interests in mind.

The platforms we meet on - Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Discord, Twitch - we call it the K2O.

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