Keahu Kahuanui
kay-ah-who kah-who-ah-new-ee

Content Creation



Community is key.

With so much content splashed at us everyday, we’re drowning every time we take just a quick dip into our phones. Voices that are genuine, relatable and captivating are tougher to sort through. What are our lifeboats? Community. It’s important to remember we’re human and metrics don’t tell enough of the story. As technology connects us, it’s also growing the palpable space between us. We don’t just need to be connected, we need to -feel- closer.

I always first research and identify who your real community is and who their allies are. When I create a campaign, I take into the metrics of your business but also focus on exploring authentic, enduring partnerships and content that that community will want to identify with or be a part of rather than just “like”.

Content can easily fall flat

You hire an celebrity or influencer for a campaign, drop them a creative brief, receive and then post the content but get negligible conversion. Sound familiar?

  1. Disingenuous narratives

  2. Inorganic posts

  3. Poor content quality

  4. Low engagement

Creative roles have shifted. Audiences have segmented and rely on influential voices like “content gatekeepers” that help them filter through the static. But more notably, there’s a disconnect happening in the creative process between brands, influencers, agencies, publicists and creators that’s not producing the BEST content and it’s because their needs are getting lost in translation. This leads to high potential creative briefs becoming poor performing campaigns.

Because I worked in various marketing roles over the years, I speak fluent corporate marketing, influencer, celebrity, publicist and creative. My approach is holistic and while I’m a Creative Director, I still understand the onus of community, the demands of worked on the corporate side, I’ve been in the spotlight as a

Understand Your People, Your Community

I value and respect my followers that have trusted me with their time to learn and the network of partners I’ve had access to work with. I learn about them, from them and invite them to share parts of my life. That’s why I


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