Keahu Kahuanui
kay-ah-who kah-who-ah-new-ee

Creative Director | Photographer

Harking from the islands of Hawai’i, I strive to bring the same vibrancy and innate beauty to all of my projects. Whether it’s portraits, commercial, lifestyle, travel or athletic content. Some of my work has even been featured in the Hollywood ReporterElle Magazine and on MTV. Pulling from experience in a variety of fields including marketing, fabrication, manufacturing and prototyping, there is little outside the realm of both production and execution in which I cannot on consult on. I work to bring ideas to life, in any or all steps along the way from concept sketches to final product delivery.

I also use YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as outlet for my art so whether it's experimenting with new techniques or brushing up on old ones, all of my work aims to inspire others to find their way to the joys of creating and promoting for positive change in areas like conservation, LGBTQ+ and human rights causes. If you have a project or shoot in mind, let’s get in touch!

Based in New York City.


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